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Since the launch of our KICSTM “Saturday” Workshops: Note-taking & Studying Strategies in July 2014, we have witnessed our program grow from strength to strength.  Our sessions have comprised of a mixed-aged group ranging from 10 to 16 year olds, representing Bermuda's public and private schools.   To date, 200 students and 115 parents have successfully completed our program. Wow!  And, to hear the students give their personal testimonials of the workshops, brought tears to our eyes. Further evidence that we must continue with our mission—inspiring students to aspire for greatness! 


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Our clients shared…  



[KICSTM] has given me more study methods which will help me, not only in high school but in college and through the rest of my life.” (S2 Male Student, December 2017) 


[KICSTM] really made me rethink about how Iwill approach things differently in and out of school and using my time more wisely.” (M1 Male Student, October 2017)


This [KICSTM] program helped me to organize my papers, notes, binders, etc.  This [KICSTM] program also helped me to pass tests as well.” (M1 Female Student, October 2017)


“This [KICSTM] Workshop has helped me to become more organized and has helped me to use my time wisely.  Ms. Young helped me to understand that it is up to me to take control of my life and to not let others control it.” (S3 Female Student, October 2017) 


“Before I came, I didn’t really plan my time out.  I used to do assignments close to the due date and I had bad study habits.  Now, I feel [KICSTM] has completely flipped the switch!” (Jakai Ball, S2 Male Student, March 2017)  


“Before coming to the [KICSTM] workshop, I was unorganized and never handed in my assignments on time.  I can say the [KICSTM] workshop helped me to do better in school but not just in school, in my every day life.  I’m a better individual now thanks to this [KICSTM] program—thanks to Ms. Young!” (S1 Male Student, March 2017)


“This [KICSTM] workshop helped me to be more organized with my planning ahead and other things.  The programme also helped me with overcoming my little fear: stage fright!  Thanks to Ms. Angela, I am ready for this upcoming term.” (M2 Male Student, October 2016)


“The [KICSTM] workshop has helped me from being at the bottom of organization to the top of it!  I would like to thank Ms. Young for her time and patience with us. Thank you, Ms. Young!” (M1 Female Student, October 2016) 


“This [KICSTM] workshop has helped me learn how to take proper notes and study for tests.  This will help me raise my grades in school.” (Year 9 Male Student, October 2016)


 [KICSTM workshop] has helped me quite a bit because now I know how to actually take notes, how to study for tests and most of all, how to stay organized.  At first, I was disappointed to rush on a Saturday morning but it is now really, really, really helpful.” (M1 Female Student, October 2016)


“The [KICSTM] workshop has helped me to become more organized….I think that this workshop is good for students who have trouble with organization.”  (M2 Male Student, October 2016)  


When asked about the most important part of the KICSTM Workshop, one M1 female student shared: “Knowing the different styles of notes, learning about public speaking and meeting new people.” (October 2016) 


“It [KICSTM] helped me a lot because I was really disorganized and I did not take good notes.  Now, I am studying hard…and I am getting A’s on my tests!  Thank you so much!  (Year 7 Female Student, October 2016)  


“This [KICSTM] workshop has helped me to become more organized and to help me know how to take notes properly and helped me to use the [KICSTMtools.  I really liked the instructor, Ms. Young.”  (M1 Female Student, October 2016)


“It [KICSTM] helped me become more organized to set goals for myself weekly.  To organize my thoughts effectively."  (S1 Female Student, October 2016) 


“To help me in life and know how to take notes…It helped me a lot in school.  I wish I could stay longer…Thanks for this [KICSTM] workshop—keep on doing it!"  (M1 Male Student, March 2016)


When asked what was the most important part of the KICSTM workshop, one student replied: “Learning how to progress in learning and at school.  Now after this [KICSTM] workshop, I’m doing better in school, getting higher grades and handing in my homework on time.  I have also gotten better at studying.” (M3 Female student, March 2016) 


“The [KICSTM] workshop’s tools have helped me with everyday life and has taught me that everything happens for a reason.  And, it is okay to give up your Saturday mornings….. I feel that the [KICSTM] tools have helped me to stay on top of my game in school and I’m happy that I did this workshop.” (M1 Female Student, November 2015)


It [KICSTM] has helped me plenty ways!  Before coming to KICSTM, I used to freak out almost every week because I didn’t plan myself accordingly.  After attending the workshop, I am more organized and it’s made my school studying experience 100% easier.” (Year 10 Female Student, March 2015) 


“I struggle in school a lot not knowing what to do or how to take perfect notes, but this really helped. Thank you.”  (Year 8 Female Student, March 2015) 


“It [KICSTM] helped me to be more organized, do better in school and have a different approach on education.” (Year 9 Male Student, March 2015) 


“We were taught well.  I think I know I will be prepared for homework and do much better in tests.” (Year 9 Male Student, March 2015) 


“I was not interested at all in the first four workshops and wanted to leave after the twenty minutes of the first one.  However, I kept going to the workshops and my attitude became more positive. I learned a lot and I'm pretty sad that it's over. Thank you KICSTM for helping me to work on my goal of becoming more organized.”   (M1 Female Student, November 2014)


“I learned a lot of stuff…how to be more organized, take better notes and be more focused. I see a big improvement already and my teachers have told me that I’m doing better.”  (M3 Male Student, November 2014) 


“These past six weeks has taught me how to stay more focused in class.” (M2 Female Student, November 2014)



KICSTM Workshop Parents said… 



“This [KICSTM] Workshop has helped Kace to understand that things just don’t happen.  That good grades are not by luck.  The phrase that Ms. Young uses: ‘We are living life on purpose’ has stuck with both of us and I now use it as a source of motivation.  Thank you KICSTM for giving us the tools for success.”(Erika Wales, Workshop Participant and Mom of S2 Male Student, December 2017)


KICSTM is not just for kids who struggle at school This [KICSTM] Workshop has helped my son and I to “speak” a consistent language.” (Kendra Mello, Workshop Participant and Mom of Year 7 male student, December 2017)


“The KICSTM Workshop encouraged me to take an online course!” (Mom of S3 male student and Workshop Participant, December 2017)


“I wish there were more teachers like you, Ms. Young. (DEDICATION)” (Workshop Participant and Guardian of M3 Female Student)


 “I think the [KICSTM] workshop has allowed my child the opportunity to learn tools of how to organize his writing to produce better papers and stories.  In addition, to gain tools on planning and organizing what he needs to study.  Most importantly, gaining an appreciation for planning his assignments and time, more so, during the weekends.  It has been a journey in many ways as far as gaining the [KICSTM] tools as well as personal development.  KICSTM ROCKS!!” (Workshop Participant and Parent of M2 Male Student, October 2017) 


“Tai is already a smart kid, but he needed to be a bit more organized and focused.  This [KICSTM Workshop] helped immensely.” (Carolyn Pacheco, Workshop Participant and Parent of M3 Male Student, October 2017) 


“This [KICSTM] Workshop is needed in all schools! Simple!" (Tenyah Trott, Workshop Participant and Parent of M3 Female Student, March 2017)


When asked what is most important about the KICSTM Workshop, Ms. Trott also shared: “Encouraging the students. They all participated and seemed willing to do so which is awesome for our young people.”(March 2017) 


“I am so grateful for the KICSTM program.  I have seen a change in my son’s school results and work ethic.  He was in a shell but this six-week program has changed his total outlook concerning his education. He is so upbeat at home—excited, miracle!  Happy Dad.”  (DeVerio Hassell, Workshop Participant and Dad of S3 Male Student, March 2017)


“Awesome!!  Everyone was on point this morning.  SIX WEEKS…SIX CLASSES… So amazing how they spoke in front of the class after six classes!  KICSTM…thankful and thank you!” (Workshop Participant and Dad of S3 Male Student, March 4, 2017)


“…The [KICSTM] course felt like it ended too soon as she just started building momentum towards the end!  But, overall, fantastic experience and such wonderful energy from Angela!"  (Workshop Participant and Mom of Year 7 Female Student, October 2016)


“Damar really enjoyed the workshop.  I would have loved to attend all 6 [KICSTM] lessons.  I know from attending the first lesson that it was going to be well worth it.  Damar is applying [KICSTM] concepts daily and I hope that at his PTC next week that Dad and I will hear good things because I know he has learned good things.”  (Mom of Year 9 Male Student, October 2016)


“Thank you also for inviting parents to participate.  It really should be a requirement—it has given me tools as I help my son with his homework.”  (Workshop Participant and Mom of Year 9 Male Student, October 2016)


I’m really pleased with the [KICSTM] tools that were taught.  My daughter is using the [KICSTM] tools and for the first time, she is organizing her time instead of me. I have already recommended this [KICSTM] programme to my friends and family members.” (Aprille Choudhury-DeShield Workshop Participant and mom of Diamond, M1 Student, October 2016) 


KICSTM is a valuable investment!” (Workshop Participant and Mom of M3 Female Student, March 2016)


 “He has made leaps of progress and I'm very proud of him and glad that we signed up for KICSTM!” (Workshop Participant and Mom of M1 Male Student, November 2015)


 “Definitely a great help as I was clueless as to how to help him…I’ve learned a few things myself.”  (Workshop Participant and Mom of M1 Male Student, November 2015)


“I am using the [KICSTM] strategies myself at work!”  (Workshop Participant and Mom of M1 Female Student, November 2015)


“Since using the KICSTM “1-Day” Binder System last year, it’s filtered into every aspect of our daughter’s life!  She’s more organized and does a lot independently.  One of her teachers also complimented her: ‘I wish all of my students were this organized.’” (Parents of Incoming M2 Female Student & former Workshop Participant, August 2015)


“It [KICSTM] was student-focused.  I believe each student was empowered.” (Mom of M1 Female Student & Participant, March 2015)


“Thank you for the course.  [My daughter] really enjoyed it - demonstrated by the way that she looked forward to being there each week, and pushed me to get out the door in time for 8:30 am on Saturday!” (Dad of Year 8 Female Student, March 2015) 


“Ms. Young offers you some great tips.”(Dad of M2 Female Student, March 2015) 


“Since the [KICSTM] workshops, I haven’t received any calls from his school complaining about him missing any school work.”  (Parent of M3 Male Student, November 2014)


Thank you, Angela.  You have done a fantastic job with these children! Even Dad was impressed with what was taught.” (Workshop Participants & Parents of S1 Male Student, November 2014)


This is a good program, Ms. Young.  Our kids need this!”  (Workshop Participants & Parents of M1 Female Student, November 2014)


“Thank you too, Angela!  I was pleasantly surprised when [our son] told me he volunteered to present in the final class!  He spoke positively of his experience and I know the impact will be long lasting. His confidence is growing steadily and your [KICSTM] program has aided in this process.” (Parents of M1 Male Student, November 2014) 


“I recommend the [KICSTM] course…very thorough. My daughter benefitted greatly from the strategies taught.” (Mom of M1 Female Student and Workshop Participant, November 2014)


“This KICSTM workshop offers life skills—the children will always use these strategies!”(Workshop Participant and Mom of M2 Female Student, July 2014)






Mrs. Oneeka Williams KICS™ Mom of M3 Male Student October, 2017

Mrs. Oneka Trott, Parent of S1 Male Student KICS™ Workshop Participant, October 2017

Mrs. Joanna Shead, Parent of M2 Female Student KICS™ Workshop Participant, October 2017

Mom of Year 7 Female Student KICS™ Workshop Participant, October 2017

Mrs. Oneka Trott, Parent of S1 Male Student KICS™ Workshop Participant, October 2017

Mrs. Joanna Shead, Parent of M2 Female Student KICS™ Workshop Participant, October 2017

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