For the average person, it may seem that I’m speaking a foreign language but for those of us who are dealing with a teen who fits this description:


  • Loses handouts
  • Misses assignments
  • Unable to find or locate belongings
  • Frequently asks for rides back to campus because they forgot their text book

…then, we are in the “know”. So, let me share my story:



During the academic year of 2013, our school experiences were full of challenges—all of which centered on disorganization or as commonly referred to by psychologists as poor executive skills. (I’ll explain that later.) 


From the missed assignments and frequent detentions to the weekly evening drives back to school to find some exercise book, I thought I was going to lose my mind while my patience levels were running on fumes! But, I kept telling myself:



“Hey, transitioning from elementary school to middle school is not easy. After all, these middle school students were tossed into a new system: the “6-day” cycle as well as a rigorous academic format.”



While other students seemed to find their rhythm with ease, my sweetie was drowning—and I saw it. And, it is because I saw first-hand what goes on with a child who has poor executive skills that I knew I had to develop a plan of action for the new academic year! 


Let me jump in now and explain that Executive Functioning is simply our ability to plan, prioritize (time management) and organize ourselves into action in order to achieve our desired goals. Research shows that as we develop from birth, our brain cells develop these skills as we grow up.  However, sometimes these skills are not developed—and then, some of our young people simply need to be taught these skillsets.


As the psychologists and authors of Smart but Scattered Teens so eloquently explained:


“Teenagers who practice executive skills are not only learning self-management and independence, but in the process are also developing brain structures that will support their executive skills into later adolescence and adulthood.”



In other words, the same skills our kids use to complete a class project at age 15, will be the same skill sets they will rely on or use when applying for a home equity loan at 35!


With this knowledge, I quickly armed myself with research and studied the topic extensively over the summer. I do not have a degree in education and I do not claim to be an expert in the topic of education or neuropsychology. Instead, I am a mom who loves her child more than life itself and will go to great lengths to equip her child with whatever she needs to survive in this world! And, I know I am not the only parent who values the importance of an education—and views education as an investment! 


And, this is how KICSTM by iAspirationsTM Limited was really born!  This company was birthed as a labour of love. 



So, Mom and Dad, I invite you to try KICSTM.  They’re working for us—and I’m confident they will work for you and your teen!  You'll need to help them initially grasp the concepts, but they'll quickly catch on.  Let me know how you progress and email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 



**UPDATE....So, you might be wondering, after four years, how my daughter and I are doing today.  Click here to find out. 




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Living victoriously,




Mrs. Oneeka Williams KICS™ Mom of M3 Male Student October, 2017

Mrs. Oneka Trott, Parent of S1 Male Student KICS™ Workshop Participant, October 2017

Mrs. Joanna Shead, Parent of M2 Female Student KICS™ Workshop Participant, October 2017

Mom of Year 7 Female Student KICS™ Workshop Participant, October 2017

Mrs. Oneka Trott, Parent of S1 Male Student KICS™ Workshop Participant, October 2017

Mrs. Joanna Shead, Parent of M2 Female Student KICS™ Workshop Participant, October 2017

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