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Parenting children is the most challenging and rewarding job you will ever have. But, the role has been compounded since the arrival of Gen-Z and has left many parents scratching their heads. Coach Angela has identified five of the top concerns facing parents today and she’s assembled 25 guest panelists, comprising of parents and psychologists, to weigh in on the discussions:


Raising a BOSS

A BOSS is someone who is living “large”. They are doing things in a big way. Older generations had Michael Jackson, but Gen-Z have Rhianna, Kendrick Lamar, Bri Hall, and Kylie Jenner, just to name a few. In short, they have reached phenomenal success. Where did they learn that from?


Our panel of parents have young adults, too, who are also blazing up on the international stage. This group of young adults are tenacious, intelligent, bold, and confident. If you’re looking for a formula on how to cultivate the “it” factor in your child, then you don’t want to miss this!


Decoding Gen-Z

If your child was born after 1998, then you are the proud parent of a Gen-Z. Who are they?


Generation Z or Gen-Z is the social media demographic. The traditional methods or rules are totally off-base for them. Gen-Z has changed the game and parents need to understand how. Social media has created an avenue for Gen-Z to achieve unimaginable success—with just a swipe, snap, click, tag, share or “like”. With the right amount of followers, a Gen-Z can easily become an “influencer” or a “brand ambassador” whereby brands are sending them products to try or endorse—before the launch date. The principles taught to Gen-X, for instance, to “get a university degree and then, get a good job” have no relevance with Gen-Z. Hey, just look at the Kardashians.


Yes, the game has changed and so we’ve asked some of Bermuda’s top experts to break the code for us.


Co-Parenting for Your Child’s Success

The thrill is gone and now, you’re stuck raising a child with your ex. Yikes!


Let’s be honest. Some breakups are like that 1989 hit, The War of Roses. They were simply bad! Ask any divorcee or ex-partner, many would say the only good thing that came from the relationship was the child. (At that point, it is highly recommended to change the topic unless you are prepared to listen to the “whys” for hours.) Believe it or not, there are some folks who have found a way to successfully co-parent their child(ren) in a respectful manner—and without multiple trips to the courthouse. It’s admirable, to say the least.


No, we’re not giving out awards, but we have guest panelists who are willing to share how they developed a successful method to co-parenting for their child’s success.


Boys 2 Men

Raising a son is one thing but for many mothers, the lines have become blurry. Finding a balance is tricky. But, why though?


This is not a new trend. In fact, it has been going on for years. Society calls them “Momma’s Boys”.   In essence, these are young men whose mothers tend to cater to their every need and make excuses for their negative behavior. Some mothers come to their son’s rescue versus allowing him to face the consequences of his actions. And, for some single mothers, the male child quickly assumes the role of the ‘man of the house’—with zero objection from the mother! The worse is when you marry a “Momma’s Boy”. Oh, dear! Let’s not go there…..LOL!


Our panel will discuss how to raise boys into positive, responsible young men and more importantly, how mothers can have healthy relationships with their sons.


Daddy’s Girl

While the role of the father is vital for both sexes, our panel will focus on the delicacies of the father-daughter relationship.


A father is every little girl’s introduction to the role of a good man in her life. He is the first man to tell her that she’s beautiful and smart, twirl her around the room, and even instills her self-confidence. Fathers teach daughters standards and how to develop their self-worth. Fathers also help their daughters have a different perspective on a matter in a way that she didn’t even consider beforehand. And, if she’s truly blessed with a great Dad, he is her hero—willing to jump from high buildings to save, protect and provide for her. In other words, a father is a daughter’s “blueprint” of what a real man is.


At KICSTM Live—The Conference, we’re taking a moment to celebrate fathers and examine the importance of their role in developing little girls into phenomenal women. We have a panel of outstanding fathers, who have done or are doing just that!




Parents, we invite you to be a part of our live audience. Join the discussions, ask questions, and be inspired. Finally, there’s a conference that gets to the heart of parenting and offers ways to develop the whole child. We promise to keep it real—straight and no chaser!


Don’t miss this special event so register today.

Mrs. Oneeka Williams KICS™ Mom of M3 Male Student October, 2017

Mrs. Oneka Trott, Parent of S1 Male Student KICS™ Workshop Participant, October 2017

Mrs. Joanna Shead, Parent of M2 Female Student KICS™ Workshop Participant, October 2017

Mom of Year 7 Female Student KICS™ Workshop Participant, October 2017

Mrs. Oneka Trott, Parent of S1 Male Student KICS™ Workshop Participant, October 2017

Mrs. Joanna Shead, Parent of M2 Female Student KICS™ Workshop Participant, October 2017

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