Parenting in 2018 is no joke!

Today's parent is stressed.  I know because I see it in my workshops and even private sessions.


In March, I invited Pastor Maria Seaman to be my special guest as we discussed: Renovation Time.  I enjoy Pastor Seaman because she is honest and very candid.  I knew she would be the perfect guest for my KICSTM Live.  She is one of the few pastors to address the social concerns facing Bermuda.  Pastor Seaman does not shy away from the challenges.  And, no, it's not a church sermon.  Pastor Seaman is not only a spiritual leader but more importantly, she is a mother of three young ladies and she is a wife! She is facing the same challenges that we, as parents, are facing today. Trust me, you'll find this 90-minute video refreshing--and undeniably, very real!


We're in serious times as evidenced over the years.  In fact, we have witnessed the social fabric and moral principles erode not just in our communities--but within our families too.  


Watch our video as both Pastor Seaman and I discuss how critical it is for families to begin to rebuild their foundation.  Time is of the essence!  Please click here to watch the first video in this explosive series: Renovation Time!


This topic was well received by the public--both locally and overseas.  In fact, it has grown into a series!!!  (I certainly didn't think it would become a series.  To be completely honest, I thought it was time I started hosting live Facebook chats to stay connected with my clients.  And, like other small communities, folks kept stopping me throughout town or at the grocery stores to ask when I was hosting the next one.  HA!)  Well, as they say, the rest is history and the series was  I'm just honored and humbled to assist families by having relevant conversations.  I think everyone is just looking for answers so I am happy to provide another positive, candid option.


I will post Part 2 later on but right now, I need to prepare for Part 3. 


Join us on Sunday, May 27, 2018 at 7:30 pm (EST) live on Facebook: KICSTM Systems and Pastor Seaman's personal page.  We will be discussing the topic: Bullying--Within and Without!


Living victoriously,



P.S. If you miss the live FB chats, then catch the replays on our YouTube Channels: KICSTM TV and SWIM as well as SWIM's cable network.