Normal conflict versus Bullying.  Do you know the difference?

Is your child a victim of bullying--or a perpetrator?


During our KICSTM Live! on Sunday, May 27, 2018, Pastor Maria Seaman joined me again as my special guest for Part 3 of our Renovation Time series. 


This segment focused on bullying regarding its impact on children as well as families as a whole.  This was another explosive discussion as Pastor Seaman shared first-hand how she was a victim of bullying by her sister and years later, as a parent, dealing with the negative impact of bullying with two of her own daughters. Like any parent, Pastor Seaman shared how those were the most difficult years as she and her husband fought tirelessly to help their daughters combat the impact of their bullies.  The impact of that experience lasted for years.  Forcing Pastor Seaman and her family learning how to "bully" their way to back to success--and recovery!   


This is such a powerful message, but I'd rather you watch it to hear first-hand how the power of forgiveness and love conquers all.  


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