What is KICSTM?

The Kids in Control Systems (KICSTM) by iAspirationsTM Limited is for parents and guardians who need quick, easy solutions to help their middle school, high school or univserity students improve their executive functioning skills--but may not know how to do it or simply, don't have the time.  And, no one knows this better than our Founder and President, Angela Young.  (Learn more about Angela's personal journey here.)


Angela launched KICSTM in May 2014 based on her own struggles assisting her daughter to survive the transition into middle school.  The frustrations, tears and feelings of despair are all too familiar to Angela.  And, she quickly discovered that she was not alone.


Unable to find solutions both locally and abroad, Angela created her own practical tools--and never looked back. Now, she is helping other families bring harmony back into their homes.  Angela's transparency and compassion are refreshing to her clients.  She does not approach the matter from a textbook knowledge but from "real life" experiences.  Her style is different--and the teens love it!  Angela has coached over 200 students from Bermuda's public and private schools ranging in ages from 10 to 16 years old; including university freshmen.  


The KICSTM "Saturday" Workshop: Note-taking & Studying Strategies, our fastest growing and most sought after product, was launched in July 2014.  We have increased the frequency of these workshops in order to meet the demands.  Click here to learn about our next cohort and enrol your teen today!   Both parents and guardians are also invited to attend our upcoming KICSTM Parent Info Night to hear first-hand more about this dynamic workshop.


Our time management tools are also growing in popularity.  Here, we help middle and high school students to successfully manage the demands of a “6-day” academic cycle as well as a "Monday-to-Friday" schedule.  These systems help students to stay-on-task, closely monitor their progress, keep track of assignments and deadlines—and get things in on time!  Further, our KICSTM products are flexible and can be easily tailored to an individual's needs.


KICSTM systems consists of three (3) critical components:


*KICSTM Student Motivational Planner for 2018/19

*KICSTM "1-Day" Binder Kit

*KICSTM Home Study Base


You’ll need all three (3) items in order to take full advantage of your KICSTM systems. Order your KICSTM today. 



Overall, at KICSTM, we take pride in our ability to be in tune with the emerging trends and thus, tailor our products and services with this in mind.  KICSTM gives the edge--and gets the results!  Our mission is simple: to inspire students to aspire for greatness.



Watch and subscribe to our KICSTM YouTube Channel to learn more about our KICSTM products, and services as well as hear from our clients.  And, in case you're wondering how Angela's daughter is doing since using KICSTM, please click here.



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Our KICSTM Facilitators completed the SCARS Training on Saturday, April 8, 2017.  We believe in the safety of children.



What is SCARS?


Saving Children and Revealing Secrets, or SCARS, is a Bermuda registered charity formed to create greater awareness of the devastation of child sexual abuse by offering prevention training, awareness and resources for healing.


KICS Alumni


Mrs. Oneeka Williams KICS™ Mom of M3 Male Student October, 2017

Mrs. Oneka Trott, Parent of S1 Male Student KICS™ Workshop Participant, October 2017

Mrs. Joanna Shead, Parent of M2 Female Student KICS™ Workshop Participant, October 2017

Mom of Year 7 Female Student KICS™ Workshop Participant, October 2017

Mrs. Oneka Trott, Parent of S1 Male Student KICS™ Workshop Participant, October 2017

Mrs. Joanna Shead, Parent of M2 Female Student KICS™ Workshop Participant, October 2017

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