...One frantic Mom’s determination to help her child


When I showed my daughter’s KICSTM “1-Day” Binder System to her friend, she immediately squealed: “I want EVERYTHING she has!”  It was at that moment I knew I was on to something.  And, this is when our journey began.  In short, my company was birthed by a labor of love--one Mom's tenacious spirit to beat the odds!



AtiAspirationsTM Limited, our tools are customized to meet the student’s specific needs.  I can confidently say that my daughter was floating between classes from the start—and NOW, I know that the change was a direct result of the tools I created.  I noticed at the end of the first day of school that her confidence was growing and she didn’t seem anxious.  And, the morning drives to school are so peaceful--smile.  If you want the same experience for your child, then give us a call!



Please let me take a quick minute to say "thank you" to Mrs. Angela Symonds, who gave me the idea of the "1-day binder" system for a revolving "6-day" academic cycle.  (Thanks, Ang!  May God continue to bless you and your family!)



**UPDATE....Believe it or not, it's been four years since I launched this company and my daughter is still using the KICSTM Tools. So, how is she doing?  Click here to find out where we are today.



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Biography of President,iAspirationsTM Limited

Angela N. Young, BA, MSc.


Growing up in Pembroke, Paget and Devonshire parishes of Bermuda, Angela N. Young attended West Pembroke Primary School where she was Head Girl, and then, later graduated from the Berkeley Institute where she was a prefect.  In 1993, she was also a recipient of the X.L. Insurance Scholarship. 



With 18 years of experience in integrated marketing communications—combining both local and international Angela admits that she has strong organizational skills and is very comfortable with managing large, multi-faceted projects.   Her expertise includes: branding, advertising, promotion and event management, media planning, product development and consumer research.  One of the key highlights of her diverse career involved working at the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games, hosted in Atlanta, Georgia, as an audio assistant for NBC Sports.  



Angela holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media Arts from Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, Georgia and a Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois.  


These past four years since launching her business, Angela's life has been enriched by seeing the world through her daughter's eyes and each academic transition has been inspiring.  Click here to find out where they are today.



KICSTM Facilitators completed the SCARS Training on Saturday, April 8, 2017.  We believe in the safety of children.


What is SCARS? 


Saving Children and Revealing Secrets, or SCARS, is a Bermuda registered charity formed to create greater awareness of the devastation of child sexual abuse by offering prevention training, awareness and resources for healing. 






Mrs. Oneeka Williams KICS™ Mom of M3 Male Student October, 2017

Mrs. Oneka Trott, Parent of S1 Male Student KICS™ Workshop Participant, October 2017

Mrs. Joanna Shead, Parent of M2 Female Student KICS™ Workshop Participant, October 2017

Mom of Year 7 Female Student KICS™ Workshop Participant, October 2017

Mrs. Oneka Trott, Parent of S1 Male Student KICS™ Workshop Participant, October 2017

Mrs. Joanna Shead, Parent of M2 Female Student KICS™ Workshop Participant, October 2017

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